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Claudine Reid MBE

Wife, mother, business psychologist, author and leadership coach. Claudine has more than 20 years of experience co-directing an award-winning social enterprise. Her expertise in growing people’s talents, organisational development and motivating others make her a unique, passionate and inspirational leader and consultant.  Read More…

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For the past two years, Claudine has designed, developed and delivered our extremely successful Moneywise Business Development programme aimed at our members who have entrepreneurial ambitions.  Through these programmes the participants have attained a range of tools and techniques to develop and grow their businesses and most importantly increased confidence in business start up sustainability and growth.  There is no doubt that the success of these programmes is in no small part due to Claudine‘s leadership and vision. She is a tenacious powerhouse of a woman and we are proud and honoured to work with her.

Elaine Bowes, Marketing and Communications Manager: The Pentecostal Credit Union

As a working  mother with a desire to open my own business. It gave me the key tools to see what it takes to be become an entrepreneur. In addition to the importance of determination in respect of obtaining the right connections and being around like minded women.

Charlene Berry

We are determined not to think small and this weekend has served to remind us to be big and believe that what we have is big also. We trust our link with you is continued. 

Rosanna Boxall

‘If anyone steps up to the plate with regards to building a Business or developing a Business Mindset, there are very few if any who can come close to Claudine to help you accomplish this.

Freddie Brow

Claudine has been my inspiration and mentor is so many ways. Everytimes we speak, we grasps very quickly what the situation is and offers clear actions. I am really amazed how much content she can pack in so little time and how efficient she is. At the same time she is displaying empathy, compassion and a wonderful desire to constantly add value.  If you would like to grow, be challenged and reach higher goals.

Joel Vuadens-Chan - Switzerland

The clarity of your transparent  explanations have gone a long way in helping me to adjust my attitude and understanding of various business activities and strategies.

Glynis Brewster

Claudine is a gifted speaker and trainer, who confidently takes people on a journey of learning and equipping.  Her contribution is always appreciated and valued!


I had the opportunity to work with Claudine in her Social Enterprise in the UK and on a few Entrepreneurship Projects in Jamaica. She is an inspirational leader, visionary and dynamic entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve success in business by openly sharing her strategies and her faith that have allowed her to be successful. I admire her tenacity and how intentional she is to achieving her goals and fulfilling her purpose.

Lanisia Rhoden, Y-WoP

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