44 Reasons why I am Grateful

44 Reasons why I am Grateful

I sit in reflective mode and consider the last 44 years of my life,  and more so how I have had to navigate the vicissitudes of life.

All I can say is I’m so grateful. The highs and lows have taught me so many valuable lessons, my favourite author, John Maxwell says  – when you lose, Don’t loose the lesson. As I posture myself in reflective mode, part of me is elated at the thought of sharing my gratitude list. Another part is a little cynical that others would even care, and finally another part of my deepest desire is that you will be able to dig deep to find your own reasons to be grateful and even create your own gratitude list.  You will need it when life gives you a curved ball and you are still required to score a goal.

I am grateful for:

  1. My life and the full activity of all of my limbs
  2. My sound mind and the ability to make good balanced decisions
  3. My adoring, caring,  amazing, husband
  4. I have 2 incredible children
  5. My son is smart, handsome and intelligent
  6. My daughter is beautiful, tenacious, and gifted
  7. My siblings are brilliantly talented  
  8. My mother in her maturity taught me discipline, focus and self-value
  9. My father in his pursuit for justice taught me to never be afraid
  10. My extended family help to keep me balanced
  11. My grandparents demonstrated the foundation of wisdom and life memories that I will forever treasure
  12. My business is in its 26th year of trading providing essential services to the community
  13. My tremendous team helps us to fulfil our mission
  14. I am surrounded by great mentors that impact my life on so many different levels  
  15. I have wise spiritual mentors that are able to speak into my life
  16. I have experienced business mentors that are able to help me navigate the terrain
  17. I have provided over 3000 jobs in 26 years
  18. My name is associated with impact and results in the community
  19. My body is fortified and strong   
  20. I have travelled to 35 countries on 5 continents and experienced cultures that gives me a broader perspective of life
  21. I have gained 2.5kg of muscle. I am getting stronger
  22. My faith is rooted in the greatness of God
  23. I am financially stable
  24. I have a great social network that I can connect with
  25. Given the economic climate I have a sound property portfolio
  26. I have several sources of income
  27. I am grateful for my business acumen
  28. My name is associated with integrity & honour
  29. I am confident and bold
  30. I am balanced  and dependable
  31. My eyes allow me to see the wonders of the world
  32. My ears allow me to appreciate the sound of laughter, morning song of the birds and the sound of my husband’s voice as he whispers my name
  33. My hands feel the textures of life that run through my fingers, my nieces hair, the sand, the keyboard as I type
  34. My nose inhales the refreshing scent of vanilla & honey candles
  35. The taste of sea bass dripping in mild sweet chilli sauce with baby new potatoes and leafy green salad
  36. The taste of water at room temperature infused with Cucumber and lemon
  37. Memories of  Hawaii
  38. Napoleon Hill & Charles Swindle: 2 authors who radically changed my paradigm with their books (1) Outwitting the Devil & (2) Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity
  39. I’m grateful for the season of Spring that lets me know Summer is coming, and the analogy of life shows that trouble doesn’t always last
  40. Grateful for the world wide web – it has made the world a smaller more accessible place
  41. The song: Amazing Grace, it is the epitome of life  – “…I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see…”
  42. The tradition of the dining room table – the heart of conversation in our family, where all our problems were solved “around the table”
  43. The challenge of learning how to be a good steward, increased my capacity for more
  44. The Apostle Paul encouragement to the Ephesians: “Now to Him who  is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” (Holy Bible, Ephesians 3:20 NKJV)  I have intentionally made this a theme for my life.
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