Conquerors Thoughts

Conquerors Thoughts !

14 days after surgery, thankfully recovery is going in the right direction.

The love in the community is massive: fruit baskets, flowers, movie lists, DVD’s, teddy bears, cards, WhatsApp messages, songs – the love is heart-warming and well received.

But the journey is far from over.

I’ve been battling in my mind – should I do the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment? If yes why? and if no why?
I’m giving myself 7 days; my next appointment is in 7 days.  I need to clear up my head, there are so many questions and this is a lot to process.

In the same way Penny Power talks about ‘business being personal’, so is cancer, so is the life altering decisions that need to be made.  I frequently remind myself to slow down, no need to rush. The answer will come.

A new decade brings with it a sense of newness and fresh drive, and a sense of urgency. My theme for this year is “Conqueror”.

Conqueror describes one who is victorious.
Conqueror describes one who is intentional about progress.
Conqueror describes one who has the capacity for more.
Conqueror describes one who has the ability to evolve.
Conqueror describes one that can stretch their capabilities in order to arrive at a desired goal.
Conqueror describes one that has the ability to apply wisdom to life’s circumstances.
Conquerors are courageous.
Conquerors are audacious.
Conquerors are understanding.
Conquerors are determined.
Conquerors have the ability to nurture other conquerors.

The mentality of a conqueror requires a laser sharp focus.
There is so much to accomplish in what feels like a limited amount of time.
Re-assessment of priorities and goals is paramount at this phase.
Well-being and being well has taken on a whole new meaning.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to conquer “new things” in 2020.  There has been a shift in this season of life, I urge you today to ask yourself- what will I conquer?

Ask yourself today are you effectively managing your well-being? This is essential for health?

My desire for you is that you conquer big things in 2020.
In the face of adversity what does the conqueror mentality mean to you?.

I’m sharing this because I want you to get comfortable with checking your breasts (If you are a male check yours too because breast cancer doesn’t only affect women).  Recognise what “normal” looks like so that you can be aware when things are abnormal. Cancer does not discriminate!) I know this to be true.

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