Learning, Launching & Loving

Learning, Launching & Loving

So what have you been up to today? was the most frequently asked question – after 4 weeks of being home.

1) Resting
2) Creating a new normal, thinking differently
3) Evaluating and re-prioritising my entire life
4) Dipping into my office remotely so I could keep abreast of things and planning business development.

Thomas Power asked me a deeply soul searching question – ‘what will you change about your life?’ I’m in pensive mode, such a deep thought provoking question.  I’ll answer next week.

Taking a deeper look at me and having conversations with myself about growth opportunities, action and the 3 L’s.

I decided that in 2020 I would focus on what  author and Influencer: Jay Shetty calls ‘3 L’:-

1) LEARNING – I’ll be learning to take my time management up another level. Given that I will never have more than 24 hours in a day, then I have to become even more meticulous about how I use my current allocation. Time management is about priority management. I’m on a massive drive to increase my productivity in order to better serve my generation, community and country.

2) LAUNCHING – As I began to review new things and the speed at which technology is developing I’ve decided to launch a weekly blog (here it is) to share the personal vulnerabilities of being a business owner with massive responsibilities and having to prioritise my health. Self-care is a must. I’m exploring podcasting; this will really challenge my technological skills, but I’ve got to get comfortable with this new age of information.  With over 24 years of experience running a multi award winning social enterprise with a team of over 100 staff across several service areas. I’ll be launching some fresh content into the podcasting space.

3) LOVING – my well-being focus. I recognise health is not only about what you eat, it includes: your sleep, your spirituality, your exercise regime, your stress management, your mind-set and management habits. I actually think I have not paid enough attention to my well-being.

This focus also keeps me future focused to help to remind me that there is life after cancer.

My Oncologist has given me three options for treatment.
It feels like another defining decision that is going to have a major impact on my perspective. After reading How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland and Mum’s Not Having Chemo by Laura Bond – a renewed sense of power has enveloped me. I have to take responsibility for every decision regardless of the outcome.  I have to be comfortable with the outcomes of my decisions.

Both books shared key insights – tragic and triumphant consequences of decisions made in life.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 24 years, I’ve always been at the helm of my business. Now I have to sit back and watch my business take on a new and different shape giving me the opportunity to think new thoughts –  my creativity is on steroids, doors of opportunity are literally swinging wide open in front of me.

Time to – Learn again, Launch again & Love again.

I’m sharing this because I want you to get comfortable with checking your breasts (If you are a male check yours too because breast cancer doesn’t only affect women). Recognise what “normal” looks like so that you can be aware when things are abnormal. Cancer does not discriminate!) I know this to be true.

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