Lifestyle, Business & Treatment Plan

Lifestyle, Business & Treatment Plan

Patrick is convinced I was discharged after 4 days because “You don’t look sick, you look to well to be here.”

The 4 days in hospital took my gratitude to another level. Visits from my family and friends, flowers, teddy bears, cards, fruit baskets, what’s app messages, song lists and prayers; I’m convinced are part of the recovery process.

I was moved from my private room on day 3 to a ward, upon hearing the cries of pain and seeing theses amazing strong women with cannulas, and requiring pain relief and assistance to and from the bathroom increased my gratitude another level.

3 years ago I joined Meso Fitness. For 3 mornings a week I would do a 6am workout, Issac and Andre took me through my paces, I could feel my stamina increase- my fitness levels were improving, my eating habits became more disciplined, I found pleasure in buying matching gym apparel.  My biggest issues then was shifting my stomach pouch (which I now realise actually came in handy).

But then I kept on thinking – what if I hadn’t made those lifestyle changes? what if I wasn’t relatively fit and eating moderately well? Note to self:  Don’t give up!!!

I can’t stand up-right, the pressure on my stomach is immense –  I’ve be instructed to lift nothing heavier than 1/2 kettle of water.

The next huge milestone on this journey is the 12-16 week recovery. I can feel that my body needs rest, the 10 steps to my bathroom feel like a marathon.  After 7 days being home I no longer need to rest before I make the return journey of 10 steps, I still need support with most things.

This is the first time I can remember in almost 24 years that my diary is empty for the first 3 months of a new year. Whilsmy diary is empty – my brain has been busy at work and I am so looking forward to the coming decade.  I’ve been occupied thinking about my business and it’s growth, and my role as a business owner – time to take things up a level.

A life shifting diagnosis has the ability to cause you to think differently about life, business, priorities and well-being.  There are some major shifts that I will be making; I can’t believe it’s taken this to move me.

Bishop T.D. Jakes spoke about ‘shattering the norm’ –  I  am ready to create a new normal.

It’s 12 days after surgery- the doctors say I’m making good progress, wounds are healing nicely.

Now we need to talk about a systemic treatment plan.  The next stage: chemotherapy, Herceptin, and radiotherapy.

I’m sharing this because I want you to get comfortable with checking your breasts (If you are a male check yours too because breast cancer doesn’t only affect women).  Recognise what “normal” looks like so that you can be aware when things are abnormal. Cancer does not discriminate!) I know this to be true.

Help is not a bad thing – note to self!



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