Preparation is part of the process

“The success is in the preparation” I tell my mentees this all the time.

But no amount of preparation can really prepare you for this!!!!

The 7 days from 26th September were probably the worst 7 days of my life waiting!!!

On the 3rd October when the doctors gave me the diagnosis, I sat in the grey waiting room with Patrick; emotionless.  My father had passed away 5 years ago from pancreatic cancer, I was now sitting in the same waiting room; in the same hospital as he had.

The medical team were great, but I couldn’t get past the fact they may just give me the same prognosis as he was given – terminal.

After receiving the diagnose I needed to get to the chapel.  I actually didn’t want to speak to anyone, I had to go to a quiet place to take this in.  The weakness and numbness in my entire body held me captive for a moment. But I have an awards ceremony to attend this evening and Amy is coming to do my makeup at 5pm.

After 2 more trips to the same hospital, it was sensible for me to request a referral to another hospital. The referral bought me some time, and allowed me to re-prioritise.  As well as organise the first in a 10part series: “Conversations with Claudine” marking my 45th Birthday. My heart wanted to give something special to the business women in my network.  A complimentary delicious 3 course meal with the option to ask me any question in the area of life. This was my opportunity to live and for a few hours forget what the doctors had said.

My first appointment at the Royal Marsden gave me a sense of confidence, although still on an emotional roller-coaster – I felt a little more in control and at peace.

The revised treatment plan was a full mastectomy on my left breast and a reconstruction!!!!

Life is about the change, physically and psychologically.

My family and friends came with prayer, wisdom, medical understanding, intelligent instructions, and of course they brought food too! Real talk came from my aunt’s that had been on the same journey as I listened keenly to their wisdom, I could logically prepare myself.  Approximately 5 weeks seemed like an age.

Time to organise my business

Time to think about my priorities

Time to speak life, strength and progress to myself.

Time to tap into a mature level of faith.  The kind of faith that is able to dance in the fire. Time to elevate my consciousness.

Time to increase my gratitude.

Bishop Wayne Malcolm reminded me that my “belief regulates my energy”.

This meant the responsibility was mine to create the right environment that helps me to manage my mind.

I’m sharing this because I want you to get comfortable with checking your breasts (If you are a male check yours too because breast cancer doesn’t only effect women).  Recognise what “normal” looks like so that you can be aware when things are abnormal. cancer does not discriminate!) I know this to be true. 💕💕

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