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Former Cabinet Office Social Enterprise  Ambassador

“I understand the growing pains, the passion and the sense of responsibility that social entrepreneurs have. I know that relationship is the currency of business and in order to have effective businesses we need to have passionate people, happy to give their all.” – Claudine Reid MBE

As a former Cabinet Office Social Enterprise Ambassador and the co-director of multi-award-winning social enterprise PJ’s Community Service, Claudine knows how to make a tangible impact in the community.

Her experience working for the government Department for Work and Pensions, and the Office for Civil Society – who is responsible for policies that relate to young people, charities, social enterprises and volunteers – has given her a wide knowledge and understanding of social enterprise.

The many areas of Claudine’s expertise include:

  • Delivering quality care services to vulnerable adults
  • Supporting young people at risk of exclusion from education
  • Training and consultancy to organisations, groups and individuals on leadership and personal development within social enterprise

Ultimately, Claudine is passionate about helping social enterprises and entrepreneurs to have a significant impact in their community, city and country.