Transitions, no transfusions

Transitions, no transfusions

What does relaxation mean to you?

As I was preparing for my business and pleasure (blesure) trip.  I was even more intentional about: Who I was going to meet and what connections and opportunities I need to nurture.  This time I was more intentional about my wardrobe as this was more than just a holiday ( I’ll come back to this later).

The last 16 weeks have been characterised by transitions. Thankfully I didn’t need any blood transfusions. The psychological and inner process of coming to terms with change. As a Business psychologist and person full of faith, I’ve been looking at the intersection of faith and science to better understand and explain my feelings. I’ve experienced several transitions which took a while for me to fully grasp. Psychologist puts it like this:

1) ENDING ZONE speaks of losing and letting go and the preparation of moving on. One of the ladies in my online support group asked “how did you say bye bye to your breasts?”
Some had a boob party, others went away with partners to make best use of the time and some serious love making, another said she spoke to them and thanked them for the nourishment and care they provided to her children and another said she told them off for failing her. As for me, I am satisfied with my outro plan.

2) NEUTRAL ZONE peppered by confusion and disorientation, the Psychological space of feeling like you are in 2 places at the same time standing still whilst experiencing turmoil, that’s why I felt like I was watching a movie. John Maxwell likened it to being like a trapeze artist in between trapezes. It felt like a place of risk and opportunity.  Anxious about the future and the impact of cancer for my body, my business, my life, yet excited about the possibilities.  Learning to identify new ways of thinking was paramount during this time and my support network doubled in their value.

3) NEW BEGINNING ZONE focused on developing a new identity and sense of purpose which allows me to make the necessary changes. It speaks of new attitudes and values. It’s incredible how cancer has impacted my attitude towards life and my business. I am still working through some stuff in my head before it becomes public. I’m embracing transitions. A very emotional, soul searching period.

What I know for sure is: This new decade promotes a sense of change and newness.
New vision requires new competence, new attitudes and new behaviour.
I’m more interested in changed behaviour than changed words.
I’ve re-positioned my mind, I’ve observed that my thinking capacity has been shifted.

There are some things that are no longer a priority and it is not permitted to take up mental space.

What transitions are you processing in this stage of your life?

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