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Women on the Frontline is for women from all spheres of influence. Women in the judiciary system, the political arena, and education. Clergy women, entrepreneurs running businesses of all sizes, women raising children, and women influencing the arts and cultural scene.

For more than 23 years Claudine Reid MBE has been a practitioner, consultant and government advisor on social enterprise. In her work she found herself often answering the same questions, such as: how do I grow my social enterprise? And, what does community transformation look like?

With these questions in mind, Claudine designed Women on the Frontline. A network to connect female entrepreneurs, to form collaborative partnerships and to share knowledge.

Claudine’s passion to equip and empower women across all spheres of influence to drive economic empowerment is the motivation behind Women on the Frontline.

“I love to work with women on the frontline of their spheres of influence. To provide a network of support built on evidence-based tools and techniques to catapult them to higher levels of operation.”



Women on the Frontline connects female social entrepreneurs and kingdom builders. It encourages partnerships and knowledge sharing about community, city and country transformation.

The mission is to see creative-minds, entrepreneurs, business leaders and kingdom builders facilitating dynamic conversations. To see participants using their skills and expertise effectively. We want to see the impact that female leaders have increase as they contribute to the global economy.

How it works

Claudine runs a hands-on program on practical and transformational community impact and support. She focuses on the principles of personal development, pictured in the diagram below, which can be seen throughout all areas of her work.

The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals to create and sustain a better future for everyone. The Women on the Frontline are committed to contributing to these goals, addressing global challenges we all face. Learn more about the sustainable goals.

Key PartnerPJ’s Community Service an award-winning social enterprise that delivers care services to vulnerable adults. Gives support to young people at risk of exclusion from education. And delivers leadership, personal development and social enterprise training and consultancy to organisations and individuals.